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The Custom Clothing Process

There are many that wonder how do I do custom clothing and design. Well… there is a process. Below I will give you one example step by step on a denim skirt I created. Continue reading

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Analog Vs Digital and the Downfall of Society

The downfall of society can be found in the electronic someones face is located! Read on to hear more… Continue reading

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First Quarter Check In

First Quarter Check In… Already!!!! Whew… How time Flies… Continue reading

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The Meaning of Christmas

Faith in humanity has been restored while I enjoyed the many “free” gifts I received this holiday season. Continue reading

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The Road to….

Here is a photo essay I completed in 2006. The images were all taken with film (a 35mm Canon Rebel 2000 camera) and scanned into whatever multi function printer I had at the time (the reason they are a little … Continue reading

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