Analog Vs Digital and the Downfall of Society

Oh my goodness there seems to be a never ending bombardment of try this app/program and try this app/program for all your time and project management needs. To be honest in the digital world I have yet to find one that can handle my life and all its pieces. As I type this blog, I am using Agenda. This is a pretty good App, but it is only for Apple products. My computer is a MacBook Pro and my phone is an LG (Android OS) — do we see the problem? And if I wanted them to sync between the two (if it were possible) I would have to pay a monthly or yearly fee.

So lets break it down first into analog. Oh, I forgot not everyone that reads this (it is in digital format) knows what analog means. Analog is the way we did it for hundreds of years and it seemed to work out marvelous until someone invented computers and programs on those computers. So, analog is paper/book/writing it down instead of typing it on a screen and seeing it there or printing it out.

Digital is just that — digital. A computer operating system that is running a program or app. The list of them is tremendous just for to do’s, calendars, mail, etc…

To be honest, I have my calendar in digital and I use an analog planner.  Why? Because I cannot write quick notes exactly where I want them in my digital calendar (or most programs), and because during a meeting (if I am bored) I can sketch a quick thought. I have tried a whole handful of task management, calendar/planner, notebook type programs and not a single one is really all that favorable. I write out a “battle plan” on paper for every day during the work week with check boxes. This helps me accurately (most of the time) budget my time accordingly. Some days, instead of checking the box I am putting an arrow and moving it to the next day or even two days later — in which case I either make a note right there to move to the next day or write on the day I plan to work on something again.

I have been trying to write this blog for months! And struggling… I use both analog and digital … but to be honest, If computers were poof gone one day, I would survive in the world of paper (analog) and a typewriter. Computers (desktop, laptop, cell phone, iPad, handhelds etc..) have taken away curiosity, communication, and the desire to want for anything. In a click on an electronic I can have just about anything I want in the time frame I choose — including INSTANT COMMUNICATION. I mean really, why go visit someone or even be with other humans when you can send a text, instagram pic, etc? Todays teens are in a terrible way. They base their worth on the number of likes they receive on something they post on social media or how many texts they get in a day etc.. They type in sentences of ✍️ ©™⛈😴🗄 and everyone is supposed to know whats that means. I have seen it with adults also. They spend so much time on an electronic they do not see the world around them, they miss out on so much, and they too base their worth on a post they put online somewhere.

I can assure you that I am on Twitter and Facebook — however, I am not on their every day anymore. I have more interesting things to do with my life than post what I had for dinner or that my clothes are hanging on the line, or that the grass grew and it had to be mowed. I choose to be the change I want to see in the world.

I challenge each and everyone of you to power your electronic down on Sundays and see how much more your family is together. You will start to see a change on non-electronic Sundays! Heck, I have even left my phone at the house when I have left!

I am including this article I ran across in one of my emails. I have put it in quotes as I have taken it directly from the author — take a minute and read it! It is astounding what has become of us (humans) and how we got to where we are today.

“There is a growing epidemic that is killing us as leaders, and it’s completely curable. Our culture is filled with more anxiety and stress than ever. None of us were built to handle what we are all dealing with on a daily basis. The average knowledge worker today is interrupted every 11 minutes by some form of communication. Many of us wake in the morning and immediately reach for our phones which we strategically placed on our bedside table the night before so that it will be the first thing we see each day. The people in our lives expect an answer to their messages in seconds, and they think we are ignoring them if we take even a few minutes more than that.

The result of all of this is chaos and chaos creates stress. Stress is a killer. It effects our health, causes confusion, and steals our joy. If it goes on long enough it might steal our time here on this planet and that would be even more tragic.

The Meaning of Christmas

Update 26 December 2018…

Dear Readers and followers, 

I am slightly saddened by the lack of interest or even free thinking people out there. Anyway, it is the day after Christmas 2018. I have, however, regained my faith in humanity. Even with the over-commercialization of the holiday, I saw many a person doing good for others and expecting not a thing in return. 

In my house, the only one to receive a gift was, you guessed it, the dog.


I may not have had “gifts” in the form that I could open, under my tree, but I received them all through the holiday season. We went and spent Saturday with my grandmother and that side of my family. Grandma (turned 86 this past 18th) insists on cooking to make everyone happy and then some, would not sit down for more than 2 minutes, even when she handed out the gifts to the great-grands. But we spent time with her, my brother (he is awesome and knows me so well), my dad and the cousins that were there.

Then we stopped over to see a friend who didn’t even expect us to stop. (We were just 10 minutes down the road). Instead of gifts, I put a basked together (I should have taken a photo – darn) with homemade cookies, fudge, jam, banana bread, and zucchini bread, and delivered. I played throw the ball (forever down the hall) with his parents dog (they are in a nursing home now) Zoey, she is a doll. 

But my holiday gifts do not end there….. 

Christmas Eve, although it started with a visit to my Dr. (yes she was in the office) was pretty rocking awesome for this small town country girl. After the Dr., we went and spent a few hours at my mom and step dads. And I got to play with their dog, Daisy May. Wow, is she a handful, but she will tell you she loves you, so cute. (The photo here is her looking to see if anyone is looking before she jumps on the chair to steal the homemade treats (cookies) I brought for her. )


I did receive the most beautiful jewelry box that has a music box in it from my mom. It brought tears to my eyes (even now as I write this). Once again, we put a goody basket together for them also (but they has homemade applesauce in theirs). It was nice to sit and visit without any expectations or the chaos that usually ensues on Christmas Day. 

Ah yes, the best part of the holiday, the best gift of all, came at Andy’s Parents. His son and wife brought the grand-baby over. It is amazing how happy a person can be just to get to observe from the outside the love that is there for the grand-children. He is the cutest thing. (Yes, cuter then the dogs I got to enjoy and visit with). I would put a picture of him up, but…. I have not asked permission. But the visit with everyone there was nice. It was another calm and quiet (as it can be with a 1 year old crawling all over) restful visit. 

Christmas Day, we sat and watched TV pretty much all day long after I made french toast and scrambled eggs.

Whew…. so as you can see, gifts do not have to come in shiny paper with sparkles and bows. They come in the tiny things, the small details. 

Hope your holidays were blessed,


Original Post:

Dear Readers and followers,

Today, I am reaching out to each and every one of you. Help me understand the meaning of Christmas or the Holiday Season. Today is Winter Solstice, some consider it a Pagan Holiday. I see the holiday season more as an over commercialization most days. The days of yore, times past, are long gone. The times of huge family and friend gatherings are over as people spend more money and spend time only with those that can do something for them (i.e. the biggest gift, the most expensive gift, etc.).

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing your replies and restoring my faith in humanity. I will follow up with this post next week. Keep an eye out. 

In the meantime, Merry Christmas to you and yours. 

~Jennifer A Adams

Nana under the Christmas Tree being “innocent”

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