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Mother. Artist. Nature Lover. Photographer. Writer. Painter. Farmer. Canner. Conservationist. Naturalist. Emergency Manager. Hiker. Camper. Lover not a fighter. On my way to make a difference in the world. Being the change I want to see in the world!

First Quarter Check In

First Quarter Check In… Already!!!! Whew… How time Flies… Continue reading

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Keeping a Nature Journal A Book Review

Keeping a Nature Journal by Claire Walker Leslie and Charles E Roth is both inspiring and invigorating. As an artist of many years, this book gives me the courage to go out and keep doing what I do, only now with a better feel for Keeping a Nature Journal. Continue reading

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Here is the Scoop

I have a calendar and I have a plan. And I am 3 weeks behind my plan already. My goal is to post something every other week, at least, sometimes more in a week, sometimes less. Continue reading

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Nature Book Project for 2019

As promised in the Post Nature Study Goals 2019, here is the list of books I have chosen. Continue reading

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Nature Study Goals for 2019

Follow along from the beginning as I complete my Nature Study Goals for 2019. Continue reading

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The Meaning of Christmas

Faith in humanity has been restored while I enjoyed the many “free” gifts I received this holiday season. Continue reading

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Coming soon….

Here is where we are with the coming soon…. In the next few months I will be posting a series of posts that have been rolling around my head for the last few months. 2017 in Review (this may take … Continue reading

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