Adams Consulting

This is the story of a lovely lady… ok, well, it is… but that is the line from The Brady Bunch. Anyone else remember The Brady Bunch? I sure do. What do they have in common with this page? Well…. I am so glad you asked? Adams Consulting is exactly that, a Consulting Business… on what? I work with clients on disaster preparedness. The Brady Bunch were usually prepared for anything that came their way. Maybe you ought to be too….

I work with Townships, (Government), Businesses (large and small), Schools (primary, secondary, and Institutions of Higher Education) and people. Preparedness is important? Do you know what you would do if your house was washed or blown away? What of your business? What would you do if your business fell into a crack in the earth? How would you recover? I can help you put plans into place so you are ready when disaster strikes.

Send me an email or call 234.320.4000 and we can put a plan in place to put your plan into place.