Lucky 7 Studios

Lucky 7 Studios is now accepting new customers to have your clothes custom designed and made, or have a quilt you want made.

The story behind the business!

From this landing page you will find 2 more….

Quilts, Dolls, Doll Clothes & More (pricing)

Design Examples and Options

Each of these provides some area that you will be interested in knowing about. Each customer will receive a personalized quote based on their particular project.

Wedding and formal dresses are special order. We can create your perfect dress from the idea in your head, to design on paper, to flat pattern, to the perfect dress (of your design). Formal dresses are the same process. However, if you saw a pattern and you have to have that dress — we can work with that also. (See Design examples and options for images).

If you would like a quote on a new project, please send an email to or fill out the form below or call Jennifer at 234.320.4000 and we can set up an appointment if you are in the area or communicate via email about your project.


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